Jim Troupis is being targeted for his First Amendment-protected service as election law counsel for the Trump campaign in Wisconsin. Troupis and the Trump Wisconsin electors followed correct legal advice about how to handle election deadlines that fell late in 2020, between the November 2020 vote and the January 6 meeting of Congress to count each state’s electoral votes. Specifically, the Constitution requires all electors to meet and cast ballots on a certain day in December, and then send their votes to Congress. Therefore, in order to keep alive Trump’s chances for a win on his recount challenge to the Wisconsin presidential vote, the Trump electors needed to meet on that date and send their electoral ballots to Congress. Then, if the results in Wisconsin could be reversed, Congress would be able to count the ballots. Troupis told the Wisconsin Supreme Court and public in advance that this would happen. In public filings, he cited the legal and historical authority for the electors to follow this procedure.

No one objected.

The electors followed the procedure.

Now, enter the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The Wisconsin Department of Justice first stated that the alternate elector procedure did not violate election law. Now, 18 months later, it claims the electors’ ballots should be viewed as “forgeries,” and that Troupis committed a felony by “uttering” that the allegedly “forged” ballots should go to Congress.

This supposed “felony” lacks any legal basis. Private Citizen believes that this prosecution is a form of lawfare that cannot be allowed to stand. If you agree, please support us so that we can support Mr. Troupis.


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