Florida Woman Freed by Trump

"A Florida woman who got clemency from President Donald Trump while serving prison time for a $205 million Medicare fraud scam said Wednesday her case was brought to Trump’s attention by a woman who herself got clemency at the urging of reality TV star Kim Kardashian West ..." Read the full article on the South Florida SunSentinel: Florida Woman Freed… More

Clemency Granted to Crystal Munoz

"A 40-year-old Texas woman was among nearly a dozen people granted clemency Tuesday by President Donald Trump after her case was championed by a woman who herself received clemency at the urging of reality TV star Kim Kardashian West ..." Read the full article on NBC News: Trump grants clemency to Crystal Munoz *Photo credit due to candoclemency.com More

President Trump Grants Clemency

"Three of the women President Trump granted clemency to this week had one thing in common: They were all in prison with Alice Johnson, the former drug dealer whose sentence Trump commuted two years ago ..." The full article is available on the Washington Post: President Trump Grants Clemency More

Shield Your Free Speech – Washington Post

Luke Wachob of the Center for Competitive Politics considers the chilling effect of harassment on free speech: Many people assume that free speech is well-protected in America today. The First Amendment, revered as a cornerstone of American democracy, guarantees that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” But history teaches us that speech is not free… More

Undermining Our System — Mona Charen

Citizens United upheld the most cherished right protected by the Constitution. The disclosure requirements in current law are more extensive than ever before in American history. Moreover, there are some pitfalls in total disclosure, such as exposing those with unpopular viewpoints to harassment. Democrats obscure these essential girders of free speech and demonize the case to suggest that a wealthy,… More

Beware of Anti-Speech Ballot Measures

The State Policy Network’s Tracie Sharp and the Goldwater Institute’s Darcy Olsen say forcing nonprofits like theirs to submit donor lists to government officials is unconstitutional. Every American has the right to support a cause or a group without fear of harassment or intimidation. Protecting donor privacy is essential to safeguarding that right. Read the full Wall Street Journal article… More

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